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Our Land

A surprising land, more of 1800 km of coastline, an ancient history that has its roots in the millennia before Christ, a history that has shaped Sardinian people, proud and hospitable.

Sardinia fascinates with its light air that smells of Mediterranean scrub, the cliffs shaped by the wind and waves, the cork forests, the pale pink of the almond trees in bloom in January, the sea with ist ​​incredible contrasting colors. A shy Island, with its wild beauty that could be discovered from time to time.

Sardinia always surprises with its thousand faces. What is the most fascinating feature of Sardinia? Its history, its traditions or its nature?

A land where the man has settled with respect for centuries, in a harmonious union with the nature. From the mountains to the sea it is possible to discover unforgettable places following trekking itineraries.

Each era and each culture is characterized, among other things, by its ability to elaborate peculiar expressions of what we call “art”.

The Nuragic civilization, born and developed in Sardinia from the Bronze Age to the Roman Age, was able to express its identity through various artistic forms such as the Nuraghe, the Domus de Janas or the bronzes.

Sardinia, in addition to the beauty of its territory, is a land with great traditions that have their roots in millennia of history, observable in every corner of our land. Many traditions and festivals, during the whole year, allow anyone to live a unique experience.